18K Gold Plated No-Tarnish Medical-grade Titanium Chain Necklace & Bracelet
$32.90 USD
Necklace50cmBracelet 4.5*15mm Width 18cm LengthBracelet 4*12mm Width:16.5cm Length
No-Tarnish Medical Titanium Shimmering Stacked Clavicle Chain Necklace
$29.90 USD $59.00
Shard Chain: GoldFragmentation Chain:Silver Color1MM Snake Chain: Gold Color1MM Snake Chain: Silver Color+ 1 more
Titanium Steel Olive Millet Bead Chain Necklace
$39.90 USD $69.00
3MM-Gold 36+5CM3MM-Silver 36+5CM3MM-Silver 60CM3MM Gold 40+5CM2MM Gold 36+5CM+ 4 more
No-Tarnish Medical Twist Chain Necklace & Bracelet
$39.90 USD $69.00
Necklace 8MM:GoldNecklace 8MM:SilverBracelet 8MM:Gold
No-Tarnish Medical Grade Titanium Snake Stack Necklace
$39.90 USD $59.00
3MM Silver 36+8cm3MM Silver 45+5cm3MM Gold 28+8cm3MM Gold 36+8cm3MM Gold 45+5cm3MM Gold 50+5cm4MM Silver 28+8cm4MM Silver 36+8cm4MM Silver 45+5cm4MM Gold 28+8cm4MM Gold 36+8cm4MM Gold 40+5cm4MM Gold 45+5cm4MM Gold 50+5cm5MM Gold 40+5cm5MM Gold 45+5cm5MM Gold 36+8cm5MM Gold 45+8cm5MM Silver 36+8cm6MM Gold 36+8cm+ 21 more
No-Tarnish Medical Grade Titanium Round Snake Necklace
$39.90 USD $59.00
1MM gold:39cm1MM gold:45cm1MM gold:50cm1MM silver:39cm1MM silver:45cm1MM silver:50cm1MM silver:bracelet1MM Shard Chain: Gold1MM Shard Chain: Silver1MM Gold wire chain:41CM2MM Gold:40+5cm2MM Gold:46cm3MM Gold:50cm+ 10 more
Layering Necklaces

Layering Necklaces

Experiment with your style by layering necklaces. Treat yourself to a few Trendolla Necklaces and layer how you choose or choose a beautiful silver or gold layered necklace as a gift for someone special. Whatever the occasion, browse and shop to find your favorite layered necklace pieces.

From piled-on gold chains to vintage-inspired pendants that add an edge to dainty chokers, layering necklaces has become our favorite way of accessorizing. Layering necklaces allow you to build your own look with our Trendolla necklaces.


Choose several pieces within the same collection for coordinated accessorizing or mix and match to build a layered necklace look that showcases your very own personal style. Style the warm tones of gold layered necklaces or keep it chic and sophisticated with cool hues of silver.