Designer & Model: IDA ECKHEL

I grew up in an artistic family with my mum, a fashion designer. From as far as I can remember my life was filled with colors, shapes and aesthetics. It was a constant desire for making things with my own hands at my mum's atelier. I used to play with her materials and little by little started creating my own designs such as bags, jewelry or dresses. After finishing University of Textile Technology in Zagreb, as a fashion designer, I started travelling, finding my passion in exploring new countries and broadening my perspective. Going on an adventure to far away land, Bali was a life changer. There I designed first jewels at the silver - smiths, realising that was the path I want to go. It was the beauty of the nature and wilderness that made me stay there for years, until recently, due to Corona pandemic, I have finally returned to my homeland, Croatia, making it the destination for my own family.



The collection "Falling star" was inspired by the Universe we live in and billions of stars that surround us, but it takes only one falling star to make a wish when you catch it falling...That wish is you dream, something you believe in, a desire. The "Falling star" jewelry will always remind you to never stop believing in your dreams.